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Orchid in decorative mug like pot.

Orchid in a giant mug pot.

If you want to think like an interior designer you need to think orchids. Orchids are fashionable, trendy and they guarantee a smile with every notice. The professional’s secret is to place the orchid in a fashionable pot. Try placing a pot of orchids in a giant mug and add some glamour to your kitchen sink!

And the thing that I love most is that both men and women can use orchids to twist perception to accommodate whatever mood or setting you want to exist.


Orchid Care Zone said “Orchids charm even the toughest men. Fathers, grandfathers and even young men find the beauty in these plants. Gardening excitingly is becoming a hobby to tough men in our society.”
And I agree! I take my boyfriend to look at orchids all the time. The type of orchids that men can decorate with are these unique masculine breeds like the Jewel Orchid.

Jewel Orchid from the Tuscon Botanical Gardens

Jewel Orchid from the Mad About Orchids event at the Tuscon Botanical Gardens


If you live in a dorm, an apartment or any bedroom that you change frequently, I recommend going to the store and finding your decoration vision from an orchid. There are literally thousands of orchid style, colors, designs, patterns and textures that I promise you will find one that speaks to your soul and imagination!

For example, if you need to decorate a room you can visit your local grocery or home improvement store and snag some inspiration.

Basic spotted orchid you can find at Home Depot or Fry's

Basic spotted orchid you can find at Home Depot or Fry's

If you choose this exotic, yet basic, breed of Phalaenopsis you can:

  • Paint the room a deep purple or grey
  • Find furniture that is black and square
  • Use Chinese light fixtures, and you’re done!

Do you have any more decorating ideas with orchids?

Chinese Lamp

Chinese lamp that would prefectly compliment an orchid.


There is endless depth in the tribe of orchid lovers. There are Feng shui practitioners, tattoo enthusiast, art masters, lovers and anyone who can appreciate the beauty of a flower.

Orchid Meaning in Tattoos

Orchid tattoos are a very common tattoo of choice. Tattoo Meanings said an orchid can be a “symbol of beauty, charm, and refinement” on a women. A Million Lives  said ” Orchid tattoos look fine on men too for orchids are also known to signify strength, virtility and spirituality.”

Feng Shui Orchid Symbolism

Orchids, when placed correctly, can be very meaningful in the practice of feng shui.  Priya Sher said, “Place an orchid plant in the corner diagonally opposite your bedroom door, this is the health position. Orchids are perfect for the bedroom since they produce even more oxygen at night.”

Don’t forget to show the orchid love in the office too! Six Wise said that “in Rehabilitation Literature, a manufacturing company integrated plants into its office so that no employee would be more than 45 feet from greenery. The result? Company administrators said they noticed enhanced creativity and increased productivity in employees.” That kind of evidence is awesome and I recommend enhancing your work environment.

Beautiful bloom of 11 orchids on the edge of office desk.

Beautiful bloom of 11 orchids on the edge of office desk.

Showing Your Love with Orchids

I used to think that the whole process of giving and receiving flowers was really outdated. I just was not a fan of putting my flowers in my amazing vase and then they die within four days. Orchids are the complete opposite of that. They can be a wonderful way to show someone that you not only love them, but that you care about them in a deep way. Orchids have a tendency to provide long term fulfillment.

Flower-Dictionary said “Orchids tell your lover that you respect them, that you see them as a person and want their love, not their lust or passion that will last a week or so, but their long term love.”

The symbolism behind orchids makes one appreciate the beauty even more. I promise that an orchid for your Valentine, male or female, will make them feel deeply loved and respected. Like Flower-Dictionary said, no matter what, “you decided to show that [love] through one of the most elegant flowers on the market.”

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